Teamspeak Status
The Great Reform - 12/01/2015

Greetings all,

The Last Remnants have been around for almost 5 years now.
And a lot has changed during those years.
Many people joined and many left, but we've had heaps of fun and a lot of great memories.

Perhaps it is time to move on however.

Therefor I'm announcing the complete overhaul of The Last Remnants.
From today onwards, this name is no more. But that doesn't mean we should forget about it.
The spirit of The Last Remnants lives on under a new name. A new group that shall prosper more than ever before.
Let it be known that the Phoenix has risen from it's ashes once again.
This time under the name:

The Commonwealth

See you on the other side!
Website Closure - 08/05/2013

Greetings visitor,

Our guild was founded on 08/05/2010 by lg188 and myself in Guild Wars 1 and we've had a lot of fun times since then.

Sadly we've become pretty inactive the last few months and although we still play various games together, the site has no longer any use for us, for the time being.

However, I will keep the domain and guild name reserved until we'll need it again, and I'm not deleting the forum either.
It is locked however, so you'll be able to read the threads but not post anything.
Are The Last Remnants completely disbanding?
No, we still hang out and play together, It's just the website that's closing.
But if the website is closing, where can I hang out with you guys?
We're on our teamspeak server almost all the time, you only need to ask one of us for the password.
You can ask either me or lg188 through steam.
Teamspeak Server:
DELTA38's Steam:
lg188's Steam:
Ok... why is your teamspeak server full of scribbles?
Because ホワイト ピッグ ゴー ホーム! (´・ω・`)
Are you closing anything else other than the website?
No, at least not yet. The twitter, youtube and e-mail ( account will still be up but I doubt they'll be used in the near future. The steam group stays as well.

See you on Teamspeak!